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JAMA study finds Functional Medicine Model Patient Outcomes Greater than Conventional Model Program


A new study just published in JAMA, a well respected, credible conventional medical journal, demonstrated what we in functional medicine have seen and known for a long time!  Patients in care using the systems biology approach to assessing imbalance and identifying root causes (ie the Functional Medicine model) were shown to have better outcomes acutely and outcomes that were more sustainable than patients under conventional care!  There are many reasons for the beneficial outcomes, including, but not exclusive of, the thorough intake and assessment and review of history and body systems, and lifestyle and more.  Let me help you optimize your health with a personalized program developed from YOUR story, your timeline, and from where you are now!

Nancy Lark's 30 plus years of experience in the wellness, weight loss and chronic disease management, working with thousands of patients over the years, with almost 15 years in functional medicine, gives her the tools to sort through the data and focus in on what you need to give you the strong foundation for optimal health!

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Manage Your Holiday Stress

Most people don't realize that the stress response triggers a cascade of physiological actions in the body that can shut down stomach function and create digestive upset! There are ways to counter the effects of Holiday Stress this season - read on!

Our Gut Microbiome Affects Weight Gain!

In my practice I work with patients to optimize gut health as a means of optimizing their health. Patients come to me with a plethora of symptoms such as brain fog, digestive issues, skin rashes such as eczema, low energy, muscle pain and fatigue, weight gain, cardiovascular issues like increased cholesterol and atherosclerosis, food allergies and sensitivities, immune system issues and autoimmune disease and more. Most everything begins in the gut whether they realize it or not. Gut imbalance creates inflammation and inflammation sets up increase in fat storage; the excess fat then creates more inflammation and a cascade of health issues over time!

The Gut Microbiome and Health

The Human Microbiome Project has shown that the intestinal microbiome has communication networks with other organ systems including the gut-brain, gut-liver, gut-adipose axes, and it plays a critical role in our health, brain function, body weight and fat maintenance. Nature, 2012.

Breast Milk, “Good Bacteria” and Immune Health

Why is mother's milk so healthy for the baby? Not only does the composition of the milk change from week to week to best suit the needs of the baby, we have known that breastfed babies have better immune function and protection in later life than bottle fed babies.

Looking to Get Healthy? Focus on the Gut!

New Years Resolutions nearly always include a goal of weight loss. And this year will be no different in that sense. What is different in the last few years is that we now know that weight loss is not just calories in = calories out anymore!