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Instructions on Purchasing Supplements Online Through Our Recommended Providers

Functional Medicine utilizes nutritional therapies to help optimize your physiology and they can be the cornerstone of healing. We only use Pharmaceutical Grade supplements which have been tested using the most rigid standards for quality and content and function. Pharmaceutical Grade supplements have the highest quality control and testing available.

Why use Pharmaceutical Grade? 

Here are some concerns with Over the Counter supplements:

  • Over the counter supplements do not have a regulating organization to oversee quality and production and distribution.
  • Companies are not required to use good manufacturing practices so there is no guarantee on content and quality, and they may have contaminants in them.
  • Over the counter supplements may not have in it what is on the label.
  • They often use fillers that contain allergens, additives or artificial colors.
  • Quality is not consistent batch over batch.
  • There often is no quality control inspection of the raw materials, finished product or product at distribution.
  • Often the absorbability of the supplement is poor, so that even if you are taking it at a therapeutic dosing, you might not be able to absorb it, essentially making it useless.

Below are the companies I use for my client’s programs. As we work together, I will guide you in the best choices for your body system imbalances and symptoms so that we can repair and help the body heal itself! Remember, nutrients work in concert with each other (cofactors), and targeted nutritional therapy programs work to support your physiology in the best way to help you heal.

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Virtual Dispensary

Click on the link to visit our virtual dispensary and order your products to be shipped directly to your home! Practitioner code LARK,NANCY

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Your practitioner must order your products directly for you.  Please talk to your clinician about your needs.

Nutritional Supplements: Purchase Online | Optimal Health Solutions - metagenetics-logoMetagenics

Please follow the instructions below to access the Optimal Health Metagenics online store

  • Visit
  • Click on “Create an Account” link found towards the top of the page
  • Enter in your personal information
  • Complete the registration process
  • Click on the “Products” section
  • You’re now ready to select your supplements and place your order!


Nutritional Supplements: Purchase Online | Optimal Health Solutions - micolabs-logoMicrobiome Labs

Spore-based probiotics can be more effective because they are designed to survive through the harsh gastric system, colonize, and increase microbial diversity in the gut. Because these spores are so multi-functional, they maintain their efficacy for a broad spectrum of conditions. A mega-dose, spore formula with broad-spectrum activity has only been available for the past few decades as a pharmaceutical drug in Europe – until now. MegaSporeBiotic is the first mega-dose, multi-spore probiotic available as a dietary supplement.

Direct Patient Ordering is available for clients.
Optimal Health Solutions will provide you with the ordering code before you order.

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