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Virtual Appointments Gaining Popularity in the Medical Field!

Ever wish you could fit in your appointment sipping on your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home, or at work during your lunch hour break?

Forget about drive time and traffic, or about fighting the weather!

Virtual, tele-health appointments are becoming the most popular way to stay connected with your health and wellness team!  With an easy to use, 2-way online screen share, you can meet with your Optimal Health Solutions health professional  from anywhere in the country in a few easy steps!

This new technology is HIPPA compliant, and supports your success.  Upload medical records, food diaries or other information you want your clinician to review during your appointment, and view documents, lab results, or educational materials from us online as if you were sitting in our offices.

Sync your mobile or wearable wellness technology device with this platform (syncs with over 175 programs) to send up real-time tracking of your progress! Studies show tracking technology (like FitBit) accelerates your progress and supports your success as well – AND was rated the #1 MOST important trend in the wellness/fitness field for 2016!

We are all busier than ever these days. But, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of anything else in your life!

Time is not an issue anymore! Take advantage of Virtual Appointments today and get on track to Optimal Health in 2019! Just call our office at (248) 652-2323 to get started today!

To Elderberry or Not with COVID-19? My Take

Obviously, everyone is working to gain an understanding of the physiologic changes with Covid-19, but what is becoming evident is that what is dangerous about the virus is not necessarily the virus itself, but the affect it has on the immune system.

Ditch the Sugar - Cut the Cravings

Any time of the year is the perfect time to zap your sugar addiction and cravings. Cutting out refined sugars and focusing on whole foods to help reset your insulin function and reduce your cravings begins by becoming aware of how much added sugar is in your diet.

Sugar: The Silent Killer

The addictive nature of sugar and the effects on our physiology create a perfect storm for creating an obesity epidemic. What’s becoming clear, though, is that it just may not be all your fault!

When Your Gut is a Jungle Instead of a Pasture

Hippocrates once said, “All health comes from the gut” and we understand more today than ever just how true that statement is. There are many things that can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the gut. One of the most common and powerful disruptors of a healthy microbiome - antibiotics. What many people don't know is that the disruption of the gut microbiome by antibiotics can trigger mood disruption. In a 2015 study looking at multiple types of antibiotics, it was found that even one dose of any of the antibiotic groups was associated with a higher risk of depression, while recurrent antibiotic use increased the participants risk factors even more.

Manage Your Holiday Stress

Most people don't realize that the stress response triggers a cascade of physiological actions in the body that can shut down stomach function and create digestive upset! There are ways to counter the effects of Holiday Stress this season - read on!

Optimizing Body Composition and Weight Loss by Optimizing Gut Health!

In my practice I work with patients to optimize gut health as a means of optimizing their health. Patients come to me with a plethora of symptoms such as brain fog, digestive issues, skin rashes such as eczema, low energy, muscle pain and fatigue, weight gain, cardiovascular issues like increased cholesterol and atherosclerosis, food allergies and sensitivities, immune system issues and autoimmune disease and more. Most everything begins in the gut whether they realize it or not. Gut imbalance creates inflammation and inflammation sets up increase in fat storage; the excess fat then creates more inflammation and a cascade of health issues over time!

The Gut Microbiome and Health

The Human Microbiome Project has shown that the intestinal microbiome has communication networks with other organ systems including the gut-brain, gut-liver, gut-adipose axes, and it plays a critical role in our health, brain function, body weight and fat maintenance. Nature, 2012.

The Mind-Gut Connection

Did you know you have two brains? One in your head, another in your gut, and the health of your gut can result in many "non-gut" symptoms!

Breast Milk, “Good Bacteria” and Immune Health

Why is mother's milk so healthy for the baby? Not only does the composition of the milk change from week to week to best suit the needs of the baby, we have known that breastfed babies have better immune function and protection in later life than bottle fed babies.

Looking to Get Healthy? Focus on the Gut!

New Years Resolutions nearly always include a goal of weight loss. And this year will be no different in that sense. What is different in the last few years is that we now know that weight loss is not just calories in = calories out anymore!